Who is E. Stellar PR?

E. Stellar PR was founded by Estelle Hartley in 2017.

Estelle has always had a love and passion for music and coming from a musical family, it was no surprise. From a young age, Estelle has been singing, writing and playing piano. 

In 2010, Estelle graduated from Cardiff University with a BA Honours degree in English Language. After several work placements and internships in PR companies, Estelle decided PR was the industry she wished to be in and combining this with her love of music and writing would be her dream job. 

Fast forward to 2017, after working in PR roles and with a live music company, Estelle has decided now is the time to focus on allowing others to shine, introducing 

E. Stellar PR! 

What is E. Stellar PR?

Music public relations, live music and creative arts events


Music PR Campaigns

Social Media Management 

Live Tour Campaigns

Radio Interviews/Features

Print & Online Interviews/Features

Event Management

Launch Events, Live Music & Creative Arts Events (live podcasts, panel discussions, poetry, exhibitions, etc.)


Why E. Stellar PR?

E. Stellar PR aims to shine the light on incredible, talented artists and provide outstanding events.