Eleanor VS.


Eleanor VS. (pronounced "verses") is a singer-songwriter and musician from Bristol. A lover of all types of music, her own style is a mixture of jazz, folk and soul. Built around sincere accounts of personal experiences, her compositions are carefully crafted and her voice sweet and defined. In 2014 she released her debut album "Passivity" (then under the name Vanessa Hartley-McDonald) and in 2016 Rife Magazine named her as one of Bristol's "Top Five Women In Music".

"The best music isn’t always the loudest and Eleanor VS makes the case for quietly wowing you. Her sultry and astoundingly smooth voice weaves words in the way that only folk musicians can." - Grace Shutti, Rife Magazine

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‘I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons’ by Nathan Holder


‘I Wish I Didn't Quit: Music Lessons’ by Nathan Holder gives you the tools and ideas to help your child succeed along their musical journey. Tips and anecdotes from some of the world's top musicians and industry professionals will help you to understand how you can give your children an amazing set of lifelong skills, confidence and experiences. 

“The concept of 'I Wish I Didn't Quit was born a few years ago after realising that so many people start playing an instrument, quit and then live to regret it. I would play at concerts and have conversations with many people who said that they wished they didn't quit their instrument when they were younger.”

“I decided to write I Wish I Didn't Quit: Music Lessons for parents and teachers to help their children not to quit their instruments. I've been able to see parts of the world and bring joy to thousands of people all by playing different instruments with and for amazing people.” -Nathan Holder 

Available to buy here.

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