E. Stellar PResents...Life & Soul

Showcasing the most talented singers, musicians and poets, we bring you sensational nights of live music, poetry and spoken word!

Hosted by Keira Speaks alongside an incredible live band!

The shows promise to uplift, inspire, spread love, be 100% honest and real as artists share their truth.

Life & Soul: Where soul and inspiration collide!

These shows are not to be missed.

For more information and if you would like to perform, please email Estelle:

Go to the gallery to check out photos from previous Life & Soul events in Bristol and London.


Here's what people are saying about Life & Soul Events

"I thought Life and Soul London was an amazing night, with a great variety of quality artists. Each one captivated and left the audience feeling good! Both spoken word artists were fire! I like that the show continued to expose me to artists that were new to me and most of their performances made me want to follow them to see what they have coming next! Thank you for putting on such a great event and I’m looking forward to the next one and have people waiting to hear about it so they can come too." -Jasmine

"Life & Soul reminded me what it means to be truly artistic! They have created a safehaven for Art to blossom in front of heaving audiences alongside a house band that is second to none! Can't wait for the next show." -Leon

"Absolutely loved Life and Soul London - Beautiful souls sharing their gifts with the world." -Cee